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Eddy current technology offers more opportunities than you might think. And we ensure that you can make full use of them.

Take the new Cenith CSM for example, offering seamless cross-section monitoring. Ensuring that you have everything under control not just in the production of wires and bars, but also when it comes to using them in practice.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Suitable for material testing and monitoring
  • Non-destructive eddy current technology
  • Test coil has no moving parts and is therefore virtually wear and maintenance free
  • Ideal for inclusion in existing automatic test and production lines thanks to its compact dimensions
  • No moving parts means low service costs
  • Easy, time-saving operation


  • Cross-sectional testing of wires and bars in production and safety systems
  • Detection of cross-section deviations through tensile stress
  • Detection of deformations caused by roll straighteners and polishing machines
  • Automatic wire volume control in massive forming process