The technical focus of our equipment lies in eddy current testing. This non-destructive method is suitable for all electrical conductive materials and non-iron metals such as copper, aluminium and carbon fibre compounds.


  • Inline testing in wire drawing machines for bars/endless (coil/coil)
  • Inline testing before massive forming on presses, punches or spring coil machines
  • Inline testing for pipe production (weld seam testing, error checking)
  • Loop end identification and mandrel breakage monitoring
  • Weld seam identification for downstream process positioning
  • Offline test systems for individual tasks


  • Surface testing on bars, pipes, sections and wires
  • Inclusion testing (e.g. iron included in copper)
  • Mixed material testing
  • Distance measuring / position determining

Application areas:

  • Endless production of copper or iron wire (test speeds up to 25 m/s)
  • Wire drawer (e.g. coil/coil or coil/bar)
  • Crack inspection in production lines (e.g. massive forming)
  • Unit part testing during or after production
  • Hardness testing